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The World's First Artificial Heart

This is the world's first total artificial heart. 

Surgeons Domingo Liotta and Denton Cooley placed it into Haskell Carp's chest on April 4, 1969 in Houston. They removed it 64 hours later when a donor heart became available. 

But the heart did what it was supposed to do, explained Judy Chelnick, an associate curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. The patient did not live long, but not because the manmade heart malfunctioned. It worked just fine, laying the stage for many later variations.  

The piece of medical history is now stored in a formaldehyde solution in a cabinet behind the scenes at the museum. 

More pictures of the heart:


  1. Really interesting post. Didn't even know they had stuff like that back then.

  2. This really shows how far we've come in terms of health care

  3. wow!!

    Thanks for popping by <3

  4. You know, some days ago in Italy surgeons put the first PERMANENT artificial hearth in a guy's chest.

    We are heading to become cyborgs. O_O


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