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Life After Downsizing

You worked in your field as a professional for over 20 years putting in long nights and weekends. Of course, you heard the rumblings that the company wasn't doing so well, but management assured you there was nothing to worry about. Then out of the blue - layoffs!

Suddenly you find yourself working as a cashier at Target. Somehow you didn't picture your pre-retirement years this way but you have a family that is counting on you for paying the bills and the all important medical insurance.

Now there is nothing wrong with working at Target - it's an honest job with good benefits. It's just that after 20 years of experience and extensive education, you hadn't envisioned spending your pre retirement years customers if they want ten percent off their order by opening a store credit card.

After tirelessly applying for every job that you are qualified for and some you are even overqualified for and visiting every job board online, it's hard to keep your spirits up.
But it's important to keep a positive outlook. I know, easier said than done but you do have a lot to be positive about, don't you? Sure you may have financial trouble but everyone you love is healthy and there are worse things than working at Target.

You see, it's all about the attitude so you've got to think of downsizing as an opportunity. Perhaps you will now find a better job or make that career change you have been thinking about or even start your own business. Don't view yourself as a victim since this will only foster a bad attitude. Having a positive outlook will help you present yourself better in interviews - no one wants to hire someone who is bitter and depressed.

You know you have the right stuff or you wouldn't have lasted as long and gone as far in your former career. You just need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and tap into that energy again.

So for now, picture your job as a cashier, or delivering papers in the morning or whatever you have to do to make ends meet as temporary. Sure, this isn't what you pictured yourself doing at this time of your life but at least your house wasn't torn apart by a tsunami or hurricane. Put things into perspective and you will see how lucky you are to be given this new opportunity.

Once you view your job as temporary you can start to use it for your advancement. Think of it as an opportunity to network with people you would have never had the opportunity to cross paths. Maybe your next customer could be a business owner that you've been attempting to get an interview with.

There really is life after downsizing and while your current situation may be less than idea, it may actually force you into a new opportunity that you really love.


  1. This is a scary thought for those of us about to enter the post-college workforce in the next year or so. Job prospects have never looked worse, although this problem might be self correcting since the baby boomers are fast approaching the retirement age. That's going to open up TONS of slots in all fields.

  2. Yeah man, all is temporary, attachment leads to suffering. Layoffs suck when they happen to you, but I would LOL so hard if somebody handed me a pink piece of paper that said downsizing.

  3. @nmbr22 i lol'd. Maybe they want to show the love


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