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3 Rules for Success in Your Life!

Becoming successful can be a difficult task, but do you have what it takes to be successful in your life (no matter in which aspect), but don't know how or where to start?
I'm going to share with you the three elements that a successful person has.
  1. Proactive. Successful people are the most proactive people found on earth. They do not wait for opportunity to drop from the sky. In fact, they are the ones who cease the opportunity once they see one. Even if they do not see one, they create. One example to give is Alvin Phang, one of Singapore's famous blogger who made it in his career. What he does is, he always gives free and quality workshop about blogging, and after which, encourage people to join his two day seminar. Without him promoting these free workshop through newspaper and internet, I'm sure the attendance of his seminar will not be as great.
  2. An Ending Result In Mind. These people know and have "seen" the outcome in whatever they do. A famous quote in the bible, "as a man thinketh, so is he", is how you can program your mind to be. If you think that you are going to fail your exam even before it started, then most likely you will see the outcome that you've expected.
  3. Perseverance. Most successful people failed in their career, their school, for at least once. You may have read different people who started their internet marketing business, for example, that they've purchased products upon products, sign up courses after courses, but haven't seen success. But they persevere, continued to try and error. They made it because of endless tries (you all know Albert Einstein's story, don't you?)
Having said that, we must also not let difficulties and challenges get in our way to give up. If you feel that you are facing some barriers and challenges, do not led yourself to self-pity and blame others. Instead, motivate yourself again by saying "I can do it", "everything is possible" many times until you are ready to move on.

Good Luck!

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