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Five Areas That You Need to Simplify to Improve Your Life

Life can seem so complicated. There are so many demands on your time and energy that you're not able to get everything you want to get done in your day. Look into your own life for the simplest solutions so that you un-complicate your life.

Here are five areas that you can simplify:

1. Your work environment
We spend a lot of our time in our work environment and if you have so much clutter in your work environment, designate one day per week to clear everything up and keep to that schedule. Get rid of things that are just distracting you from doing your best work. Don't have work scattered at different places throughout your home either and try to consolidate everything you need to do your best work in one spot. The key is to simplify your work and work environment so that you are not distracted and overwhelmed. Don't make work overly complicated when it doesn't have to be.

2. Your relationships
Don't make your relationships with others so complicated. If you have people in your life that are causing you a lot of drama, then stop associating with them. Tell them that you need some time to yourself and then concentrate on your own life. Some people just suck out all our energy and don't give anything back. Stop trying to solve everyone else's problems and concentrate on your own.

3. Your home environment
Is your home environment full of clutter? Go through each room and see what you can sell, give away or donate so that you are surrounded by things that you truly love. Having a simple home environment that gives you a feeling of joy and happiness can make a huge difference in your life. Don't make things so complicated - you don't need all the latest home entertainment gadgets and doodads.

4. Your thinking
Life doesn't have to be so complicated and taken so seriously. Take it easy on yourself and just do the best that you can, with what you have, and where you are. Develop the mindset that you are going to try new things in life and accept what happens. Don't complicate things needlessly as everything in life can be a learning opportunity. Accept yourself and others as they are and give up your high standards.

5. Your finances
Simplify your finances using automation. Automate everything you can - automate your savings, monthly contributions, bill payments, etc. Don't make your finances complicated by various accounts spread out over several financial institutions. Simplify and consolidate your finances. Remember the simplest financial advice of spending less money than you earn and investing the difference. Don't make your finances more complicated than that - just spend less than you earn.
Change what needs to be changed so that your life is not so complicated and enjoy the simple things in life.


  1. This makes sense. Ill have to try to follow these rules

  2. I like these rules but some of them would be hard for me to follow


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