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10 Top Wii Games for Your Kids

Buying video games for kids can be a tricky affair. They can't be too easy, or it'll be a waste of money. Ditto if they're too hard. They can't be too violent, or you'll end up nursing bruises as life imitates art... and they can't be too cutesy, or they'll have absolutely no cool factor and therefore no interest! Today we list 10 of the best Wii games for kids 3 and over, to help keep them occupied but not hyped, happy but not too rambunctious!

1. Animal Crossing: City Folk
If your kids haven't quite developed the response speed necessary to play many video games, they'll love Animal Crossing's gentle and leisurely style of play.

2. Active Life: Outdoor Challenge
Everyone, from about age 2, will find some games that they can play within this Wii game. The mat is included - so what you see on the price tag is what you get!

3. Go Diego Go: Great Dinosaur Rescue
This game is just like an episode of Go Diego Go... and conveniently aimed at the same age level! It is easy and intuitive enough for 3 year olds to play.

4. Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess
Just like the 'boy' version, Go Diego Go, Dora Saves the Snow Princess game is simple enough for kids about age 3 and up to play.

5. A Boy and His Blob
The little kid needs to help the alien blob get back to his home planet in this game, which is simple enough for primary school aged kids.

6. Super Mario Bros for the Wii
The Super Mario version for Nintendo 64 brought the game out of the primary school realms and into tween and teenagerdom. This version brings it back to the kids - 2D, sidescrolling action and plenty of nice easy levels.

7. Boom Blox Bash Party
What kid could possibly resist the thrill of knocking over stack after stack of blocks... especially when there are no older brothers or sisters to yell at them and non parents will tell them not to? Good for both younger and older kids.

8. Sim Animals: Africa
All kids are entranced by lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), and in this Wii game they get to actually interact with them. First you have to help the animal, then it will help you within the game. Good life lessons!

9. Cars Race-o-rama
Little boys especially will love the fact that they can control the Disney Pixar Cars without the frustratingly necessary fine motor skills of ordinary racing games. Good graphics compared to other Wii games, also.

10. Ni Hao, Kai Lan: Super Game Day
An amazingly cute character, playing games that are suitable for four and five year olds... and even some determined 3 year olds! These are mini-games, so the challenges are fairly easy to surmount.

Bonus: Wii Sports Resort
If you have a Wii, and you have kids, there is no excuse for not having the Wii Sports Resort game There are games to suit just about every member of the family - even parents that 'aren't into video games' will find a use for this Wii game!


  1. haha im 20 and i still love animal crossing!

  2. ill get my kid a left sock for his birthday and a right sock for Christmas

  3. i prefer xbox 360 but wii is fun too. i have both.
    following and supporting!

  4. I think the wii is an awesome console I LOVE MARIO :D

  5. haha omg I loved a boy and his blob =D

  6. Sweet list, I should show my Aunt so her kids don't get some lame birthday present they don't like.

  7. I am looking forward to kinect on xbox 360, I never found an excuse yet to buy a wii. Maybe when RPG Last Story is released.

  8. I'm digging your posts, pretty neat stuff for a short read. I'll be checking back, keep it up!

  9. animal crossing wild world was the shit
    check my blog for sick politics!

  10. It's wii. All games are kids games, but it's more important to get them thinking with puzzlers I feel.


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